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Bingo Patterns

Common bingo patterns and game variations are described on this page.
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Blood, Sweat, and Tears Fill a single bingo card with three bingos (note: in this game, having four corners usually does not count).
Coverall (AKA "Blackout") Fill all numbers on your bingo card. This pattern is frequently used for the jackpot of the evening (or jackpot of the hour, at many online bingo parlors).
Dotted Picture Frame Fill every other space around the edge of your bingo card. My favorite of the bingo patterns listed here.
Eight States Common bingo pattern where you need to fill all the numbers immediately surrounding the free space.
Kite and Tail Fill a diagonal line of 5 numbers, plus one of the corners running through the diagonal. The result looks a bit like a kite.
Nine-Pack Fill a square of nine numbers.
Postage Stamps Fill two squares of four numbers on a single card, each in a corner of your bingo card.
Six-Pack Fill your card with a pattern of six numbers, two rows of three each, horizontal or vertical. Sometimes you can use the free space, so check the rules first.
Top and Bottom Fill the top row and bottom row of your bingo card.
888 Bingo
Bingo Hall
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